Thursday, May 31, 2012

Softball Game

Ross completed his last day of School...EVER!  Yeah!  Now it is on to studying for his BOARDS Exam and then Rotations in July!  BUT before the studying commenced, we got to watch him play in a Softball Game.  (1st years vs. 2nd years)  Hadley had a great time cheering on her daddy!  (With her purse in hand!)

Hadley just found this hat in the grass and proceeded to put it on Andrews head...

We are so proud of you guys and all that you have accomplished!  Good Luck on BOARDS!  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hadley 21 Months

Had's, you are 21 months old! 

You are so sweet and kind hearted....with a lot of orneriness mixed in!  You have started doing "limp noodle" when I get you out of your car seat.  It makes Mommy laugh every time!  (You have even started doing it when I pick you up to put you down for your nap!)  Again, it makes Mommy laugh and then we both get giggly.  

I try not to give you your "juicy" right when we leave the house, otherwise you will drink it all and there will be nothing left by the time we get to where we are going.  The other day, you started coughing in the car...and you said, "Mommy, juicy please.  I choking!"  I don't know where you come up with this stuff!  But how could I resist your precious plea!   

You still weigh around 26 pounds.  You eat like a horse, but you still fit into 18 month clothes.  You can wear 24 month will just be able to "grow into them" a little.   

You used to sound "Russian" when you said "Sit Down!" you sound "British" when you say "Hello Mommy.  Hello Daddy."  It's pretty sweet!  It's amazing how many words you know and how much you talk!  You can say:

  • I love you too.
  • Look at me.
  • Bell/Beast/Teapot/Gueston
  • Here go Daddy.
  • Eat Breakfast.
  • Hiney hurt.  Cream feel better.
  • Spanking Spoon.
  • I color.
  • No No Jake.  Jake sit down.  (Janelle and Andrews dog :)
  • I throw away.
  • Clap Clap, Finger Snap, time to check the mouska map!
  • You can count from 1 to 10!
  • All gone.
  • No, don't like it.
  • Swimming lessons. 
  • Mommy cooking.
  • Tea Party. 
And the list goes on and on!  You are incredible.  And you are always polite!  You say please every time you ask me for something.  "Snack please.  Juicy please.  I color please."  I'm so proud of you!   

We help Big Hadley celebrate her 3rd birthday this week.  Ever since then, you walk around saying "I three!" and you hold up 3 fingers.  I keep having to tell you that you are one.  And you respond "I two."  You are almost two, so it's close enough!  :) 

I am amazed at how you can remember songs!  I start singing one, and you can finish it!  For example:

  • I haven't seen you in "Ages"
  • It's so "EASY!" going out on "Friday night"
  • You know the whole "Twinkle Twinkle little star"
  • "Jesus love me."
  • "Disney Junior...Where the magic begins!"
  • "Row Row Row your boat"

You are doing awesome at your swimming lessons!  You jump in from the side and go under water!  I'm so proud of you!  I think Mommy was more of a nervous nelly putting you under the water than you were.  We sing lots of songs throughout the lesson too.  Such as: Row Row Row your boat, Pop goes the weasel, Humpty Dumpty, Froggy Froggy Jump so high, and lots of other fun tunes.  We can get pretty crazy in the water!   

I think the worst part of swimming lessons, is trying to get you and I dressed afterwards!  It gets pretty crazy, and now that you can talk, AND are learning body parts, you like to point them out as mommy is changing clothes.  Remember that voice that carries?!?  Yup. 

You are getting so into "pretend" and I love it!  You usually have goofy (or another Disney character) and Baby in the stroller, with your diaper bag on your arm, strutting around the living room.  You like to carry your purse, with your phone, necklace, and books in it.  The other morning you were talking on the phone, and I asked who you were talking said "Jesus."  Precious!  I asked you what Jesus was saying, and you said "I love you."  You make my heart melt, Hadley Bug!   

You are the most precious gift!  Your daddy and I love you so much!  You have a beautiful laugh!  I hear you and Daddy giggling in your room every night during your "bedtime routine" of reading books and cuddling.  It makes me smile.  You are one special little girl and we treasure every moment we are together with you!  We love you. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Marcellus' visit Tulsa...

Ross is in the midst of finals...which means lots of time studying for finals...which mean Jessi and Hadley needed some company!  That is where my boys come in!  John was out of town for two weeks, so Laura and the boys came up to spend the day with us.  We played outside, jumped a lot, built some Lego stuff, and had a great time together! 

It was about time for Hadley to get up from her nap, and we heard her making some noise, so the boys decided they would go and check on her.  She loved waking up to their beautiful faces!  

Eating Dinner and listening to Joshua's Ipod.

Ben couldn't resist the music!  He is so precious!

Thanks for coming to keep us company!  Hadley had a blast!  She loves her cousins (and her Lowa and John) so much! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Date Night!

Thanks to Janelle and Andrew, Ross and I got a date night...yeah!  We went to see the Lucky One with Zac Effron...(It was Ross' Pick :)  I was so happy to be out with my hubby!  He is so good lookin'!  Love you babe! 

After the movie, we went to Fuddruckers for a milk cup, two straws!  I was so giddy at this point, things got a little crazy!  (If only you could see the disdain in Ross' eyes...he always humors me though :)

All we are missing is his Letter Jacket!  

Babe, you are my perfect other half!  I love you!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bixby BBQ Festival

Saturday night, Ross, Hadley, and I went to the Bixby BBQ Festival.  We ate some really good BBQ, listened to some live bands, and Hadley got to ride her very first pony!  We had such a good time! 

She is such a doll!  I love making fun memories with her and for her!