Saturday, July 26, 2014

Little Brother has a name!

Ross and I have talked about names for months...MONTHS.  Some people just know what their 7 children will be named before they reach the age of 14...that is not us.  Naming a child is a big deal!  You have to make sure the first and middle name sound good have to make sure it looks good in have to make sure it sounds good when being yelled from across the Target Store...there are just a lot of things to consider!  We have had this name (first and middle) on our list from the beginning and it's the only one we both kept coming back to.  Hadley loves it too...maybe not as much as "Chip"...but it is so sweet to hear her say his name....
Little Brother's name is: 
Beau Nathan   
We have always loved the name Beau and Nathan is after his Uncle John Nathan!

And Hadley and I have been spending a lot of time at White Water Bay trying to keep Mommy from overheating this summer! 

We can not wait to meet you Beau Nathan!  Your sister is ready to squeeze you!!