Friday, April 27, 2012

Bekah's Belly

My friend Bekah is the beautiful mother of two precious little girls and one baby boy on the way!  She graciously let me "use" her family to get some "belly" shots for my portfolio.  I had so much fun with them...and if the girls ever lost interest, Jim was right there to the rescue...."Who Wants Candy?!?!?"  It was pretty hilarious!  Hopefully, as we speak, Bekah is going into labor...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it happens soon!  (crazy is the life of a medschool wife.)   Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day....  

I can't wait to meet and take pictures of baby Huck! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hadley is of the age where discipline and correction or "boundary setting" is needed a little more often.  She really is catching on and only gets a little confused on occasion.

 One Example:

Me: "Hadley, pick the toy up please."

Hadley: "No."

Me: "Hadley, you do not tell Mommy no.  What do you say?"

Hadley:  "Fishy?"

Me: "Close, but no...You say Yes Ma'am"

Hadley:  "Yes A Ma'am!"

Another Example:

Me: "Hadley do not take your diaper off or you will get a spanking."

Me: "Hadley, if you take your dipaer off, what will happen?"

Hadley:  "Fishy?"

Me: "No, you will get a spanking."

Hadley:  "Spanking Spoon!"

Fishy is on the brain!  She is crazy!  She brings so much joy and laughter into our everyday life that you can't help but smile at her.   

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

$2 Tuesday's at the Ballpark

$2 Tuesday's!!...$2 tickets...$2 hot dogs...$2 soda...a couple of blankets and some great friends!  We went and watched the Drillers play baseball tonight, and it was so much fun!  (well maybe "all" of us didn't "watch" the game, but we all definitely had a great time!) 

Big Hadley

Baby Hadley and Big Hadley....too cute!  

Getting super excited waiting to go in!

I love that my baby has friends!  

The picture is a little blurry...But Look At Those Ringlets!  

Hadley enjoying her $2 hot dog...can't you tell?

I love these two people the most!

The girls...I love my friends...and the one thing we love to do when we get together is laugh!  

My stud husband!  Look at those beautiful blue eyes!  I'm one lucky girl!  

Towards the end, Hadley was more excited about watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Airika's phone than watching the game.  (Hadley calls her's pretty sweet)

Such a fun night....I can't wait until next time!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend in OKC

A couple of weeks ago, we went down to Oklahoma City for the weekend.  

The backseat of my car looks like The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and ALL the characters are present!

Seriously, this girl and her tea parties!  She loves them!

She loves to be the hostess too!

One reason for the trip to the city...THE HUNGER was good!  I loved the movie, but I'm glad I read the books first...I love Peeta.  

Hanging out and eating lunch with Gigi and Poppy.  

Hadley loves the Elmo Potty book that Gigi gave her. 

I think Hadley is going to be a reader like "B".  Here she wanted Poppy to read her the James Avery Catalog.  

And my girl, already intrigued with cheerleading.  (Not to mention how close she stands to the television...goodness!)