Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sea Lion Adventure

The Tulsa Zoo just built their Sea Lion Exhibit and we were invited to a special "Zoo Member Only" viewing/meet the Sea Lions before it was open to the public.  (I'm pretty sure the entire city of Tulsa has zoo was crazy!)  So we packed our dinner and took Hadley to meet the Sea Lions. 

She is definitely a "watcher"...loves to stare at everything including the lions....

Trying to find the Elephants...

This picture with the goat brings back traumatic memories from my childhood...*Don, Kathy, and Courtney can attest to that dreadful day.  At least there was a fence between them, but they didn't take their eyes off of each other....  

And of course, what is a trip to the zoo without a ride on the train...

I love my family and our little outings.  It couldn't be any more perfect!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday Night Cookout

The weather over Spring Break was a torrential downpour, so now that the weather is beautiful, we are taking full advantage.  We decided to cookout.  Ross grilled some delicious burgers and we played well into the evening. 

Hadley enjoying her burger.  Look how good she is at holding/eating her own burger!

This child is fearless and I love that about her.  She loves to jump and can't do enough seat drops on the trampoline...and then on the couch...and then on her bed...she's crazy and I love it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Joshua Turns 7

My very first born nephew turned 7...SEVEN!

I will always Cherish him because he is so funny, genuine, caring, crazy, has such a big heart, loves his family, loves to ask questions, smart as can be, Witty, and he promises that he will always be Jessi's baby!  I was in college when he was born, and I remember getting out of class in Edmond, driving to Midwest City to spend some time with him while Laura took a shower, and then off to Del city to coach.  I think I did this everyday for six weeks!  (That's when Laura went back to work, and we couldn't just hold him for hours upon hours straight...during the day :)  Loved every minute of it!   

My Joshua Reuben and Me... 

He is reading so well!  Grandma and Pop got him "Where the sidewalk ends" and he was reading poems to Hadley  :).....

Time for video games....I think Hadley won a few by using the same method as I would use...just push a bunch of buttons at one time!

Benjamin was so excited for Joshua's Birthday Party.  He loves his brother and wanted Joshy to have lots of presents.  Benjamin was in charge of handing out the Popsicles....a job he took very seriously!  

Papa, Nana, and their babies....

Both Hadley and Benjamin were not feeling 100% that day, but they took great comfort in their Papa...

"Drawsome" was the captivating activity for the evening...

Papa, Benjamin, and Miss Unicorn (Pillow Pet)...

My family of three...

Happy Birthday Joshua Reuben!  We love you!  I have another birthday surprise for you on Saturday! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What is Your Name?

Hadley is talking more everyday!  We are working on her name at the moment.  This is our conversation:

Mommy: "Is your name Hadley?"

Hadley:  "Yes."

Mommy: "Can you say Hadley?"

Hadley:  "Hadley"  (clear as day!)

Mommy:  "What is your name?"

Hadley:  "Jacquo"

My crazy girl!  

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Growing Girl

My little baby is growing so fast!  It was a sad day in this house, when she outgrew my favorite pair of shoes for her...her toms. 

She is crazy about zippers.  Every time I wear a jacket with a zipper on it, that is the first thing she does..."zip?"  That is also why we are starting to move away from "onsie" pajamas that have zippers...because she is always "unzipped" by morning.  Nothing different when it comes to the trampoline enclosure...

Aren't they cute!  They were even cuter on her cute tiny feet!  

Love her hair!  

As Hadley grows out of clothes, it is sad, but oh so wonderful!  My baby is healthy and happy and I couldn't ask for anything more! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Latest Trend...

We are climbing...she is such a little monkey!

We are throwing our bodies down, when told no.  I will say, this has only happened a couple of times, so of course, I had to take a picture of it before I corrected the behavior.  :)

The troubles of dealing with adult emotions in a tiny toddler body.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Branson 2012

Paul and Natalie graciously invited us to go to Branson with them for a long weekend.  We were super excited to get away for a couple of days. 
Day 1:

Thursday night, we drove the four hours to get to Branson.  Hadley did surprisingly well!  No crying, no fussing, just a lot of playing with her basketball. 

Day 2:

Hadley watching cartoons in our bed, waiting for us to get ready.

Headed to Branson Landing, an outdoor shopping center.  The cutest stroller buddies I've ever seen.

The water is a lot clearer than this picture.  It really was beautiful and super super windy!

Bass Pro Shops to see the "fishies"

Hadley could seriously watch the "fishies" all day long!  She loves them!  (I had to buy her this hat for $.99 because I didn't anticipate it to be 40*

Hadley making sure Campbell doesn't run off....

Friday night, we went to dinner at Shoguns and then back to the hotel for swimming.  I think Hadley is going to be a little fish...she loves the water!

The pool water was a little cold, so we all piled in the kiddie was a tad bit warmer.  

My little fishy.

Back to the rooms for bath's and bedtime.

Day 3:

We went outlet mall shopping in the morning...yeah!  I got a lot of great stuff for Hadley! 

After lunch, we went to the Fish Hatchery...Again, Hadley loves fish!  She was thrilled!...and so was her daddy.

Both Hadley and Dane kept pressing their faces against the netting.  The fish think you are going to feed them, so they flock to your shadow.  

Just like her daddy....

Time for Go Carts!  (Now the boys can cross it off their bucket lists)

Both Hadley and Campbell were too small to ride this year, so they just cheered their daddies on.  I told Hadley to yell, "Go Daddy Go" she yelled "Daaaaaaddy GOooooo"  (I think it made Ross feel special :)

Love this picture of Natalie and Campbell...

Rossy and Dane won!  He was super excited!

Ross and Avery won the second race too!  Ross said it was so funny, the difference between riding with Dane and riding with Avery.  Dane would yell "Faster" "Yeah" "Go"....and Avery was carrying on an entire conversation in which Ross heard None of.   Girls and boys :)

For dinner we went to Landry's for Seafood.  Hadley looked like such a big girl with her crayons and kids menu.  

Day 4:

We got up, ate a yummy Brunch at what seemed to be the only breakfast place open.  (apparently Branson shuts down in the winter time.)  Breakfast was really good!

Then headed home.  Hadley staying limber in her car seat...  

Thank you to Paul and Natalie for inviting us!  We had such a wonderful time!  Love you guys!