Thursday, March 5, 2015

Beau Nathan: 6 Months

You, my little man, have our hearts!  You are such a happy baby.  Well, you are happy and content until you aren't...and then you are just angry!  You arch your back and scream!  Which I have to say is so out of character for you that Mommy can't help but smile when you do it.  You mainly get mad when it comes to food.  You like your food, we'll just leave it at that.   

You had your 6 month check up and the doctor said you look perfect!
Weight:  21 pounds 10 ounces  95th %
Height:  27 1/8 inches  58th %
Head Circumference:  18 inches  95th %


You were not to happy during this photo shoot.  Every time we set you down, you cried, so Daddy just held you.  Your daddy is so in love with you.  He can't wait to take you fishing with him and Sissy.  

You still hate tummy time.  It's only a matter of minutes before you start crying.  You do like laying on your back and scooting around that way.  You can roll over from your back to your stomach, but then you are stuck.  You can't quite sit up on your own yet.  You can hold it for a few seconds before you just topple over.  You are finding your voice as well.  Out of no where you will let out this huge scream followed by the sweetest smile.  I think you are just letting us know you are still there. 

I love dressing you up.  Mommy doesn't do it everyday, but I can't resist you in these precious little suspenders.  You have started eating more foods.  You have rice cereal in the morning and then fruits and veggies in the afternoon/evening.  I still can't believe it that you are old enough to eat from a spoon!  You and I are still getting the hang of it at feeding time.  I just have to be prepared to block when you go in for the sneeze! 
You sleep through the night, and I just want to say thank you for that on behalf of Mommy and Daddy.  You wake up in the morning and lay in your bed talking to yourself until Mommy comes and gets you...or your sissy climbs in the crib with you.  I can hear the two of you singing and giggling...mainly Hadley sings and you giggle, but it's so sweet.  You take about a 3 hour nap in the afternoons as well.    

You are Mommy's Little Man...Daddy's Buddy...and Big Sisters Sweet Boy