Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beau Nathan: FIVE Months

My Little Man, you are 5 months old!  You are talking/squealing so much!  You keep showing signs of teething, but I can't find any teeth coming through!   

Your smile just melts me!  Nana says that when you smile, you smile with your whole face!

You are almost rolling over.  You just cant get over your bottom arm yet.  You hate tummy time.  It's fine for a few minutes but then you just get mad.  

You like to lay on your back on the ground and turn in circles.  You arch your back so you can see what's going on behind you.  You love the new jumpy seat/play toy that once belonged to your big sister.  

Mommy can not give you enough kisses!!  That's all I want to do!  

Every day that we are home, you take a cat nap in my arms.  And Mommy just sits and stares at your precious face.  

You smile your biggest at your Big Sister.  There is a special chemistry between the two of you that Mommy and Daddy love to watch.  Never let that go! 

You laughed, I mean really laughed, for the first time!  You have only done it that one time, but it was so amazing!!

You are now eating rice cereal.  You actually do really good with a spoon.  I think Mommy is having a hard time accepting the fact that you are old enough to start eating baby food!

I think you might have greenish eyes.  They are so big and beautiful!  And I love all your little pudgy rolls.  

You are Mommy's Little Man...Daddy's Buddy...and Big Sisters Sweet Boy

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just some Brother and Sister Love

Just some Brother and Sister Love...


If you can't tell, Hadley is quite smitten with this little boy...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Beau Nathan: Four Months

Beau Nathan, my content little man.  You are easy going like your daddy.  Your cheeks are so kissable!  Your sissy likes to squeeze them together and say "Squishy!"

You are 4 Months old.
You Weigh 18 pounds 5 ounces and are in the 90th %
Your Length is 26 inches and you are in the 76th %

Your Head Circumference is 17.5 inches and you are in the 98th %

You have a contagious smile!  And your biggest smiles are reserved for your Big Sister.

You love your toys that you can put your fingers through.  And of course everything goes in your mouth.

You have found your voice and I am certain you will be every bit as loud as your sister. 

You are Mommy's Little Man...Daddy's Buddy...and Sisters Sweet boy.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hadley Joy: 4 1/2 Years

My Hadley Joy, you are 4 1/2!  When I say 4 1/2, it sounds so young...but when I think about YOU, I think what a big girl you have become.  Our house is full of joy and laughter because of you.  You exude love through your smile and your actions.  Your were so meant to be a big sister! 

You love having a brother.  You love to be near him, and by near him I mean laying on top of him.  You get him to smile like nobody else can.  Mommy was talking about selling some boots and you looked at me and said, "I need a mommy, and a daddy, and me.  So we can we sell Bubba?"  But we both know you would not last one day without your sweet brother.  You can't wait to wake him up every morning, and kiss all over his face.  He is very fortunate to have you for his Big Sissy.   

I saw you under the Christmas tree one day, and I said, "Hadley, what are you doing?"  and you simply replied, "I am writing my name on all the presents so we know they are mine."  You are a funny girl.   

You are doing amazing in gymnastics!  You worked so hard and got your cartwheel.  You have now moved out of the tumble tots class into the big girl beginner class.  Daddy thinks you look like a baby out there compared to the 6 and 7 year olds, but I know you can hold your own.  We are so proud of how hard you work.  You spend more time upside down than you do right side up!  

You love to sing.  You are always making up your own songs, and use anything you can get your hands on as a microphone.  When you want my attention, you say "Mom, eyes on me."  It makes me smile every time.  

You and I are attached at the hip.  Wherever I am, there you are too.  We don't have to be doing the same thing, but you like to be in the same room as me.  You even told me once, "I don't think we spend enough time together."  Which surprised me, because we have spent everyday for the last 4 1/2 years together...but it blesses my heart to know you like me  :)  I hope it stays that way through the teenage years.  

Your favorite show these days is Chopped.  You love getting all your kitchen food/cooking toys out all over the coffee table and living room and play "chopped".  It is so fun as your mommy, to get to watch you become interested in different things.  I want to encourage you to dream and play and work hard at whatever you choose to be interested in that day.  You love helping me in the kitchen as well.  I love getting to cook with you and teach you things that Nana taught me.    

I still think your love language is gifts...but I think another one is quality time.  

We have a secret handshake and I LOVE it!  All I can say about that is
 "ba la la la!" 

The back of my couch is now a "bar" where you jump up with strong arms and practice your casts.  And the arm of my leather chair is where you do backbend kick-overs.  This may not seem normal to some people (like your daddy), but when I see you do it, I see me!  I can't tell you how many times I did handstands into Nana and Papa's recliner, or running headstands on their couch, or seat drops on their's just what little gymnasts do.  Everything is an opportunity!   

You are loved little girl.