Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jumping on Mommy's Bed...

This girl and I...we have fun.  We are so much a like (and maybe that is why we butt heads sometimes) but we can always count on each other for easy, fun, loving, and laughter. 

This is the "nooooo don't land in the splits" blurry picture because I'm running towards her to save her sweet legs!


I love when she dresses herself...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beau Nathan: 10 Months

My little man, Captain America!  You are 10 months old!  I think you are going to be just like your so strong with such a gentle spirit. 

When Mommy puts you to bed, I hold you in my arms and whisper sweet words in your ear.  All the while you are resting your head on my shoulder and running your fingers gently through my hair.  Mommy never wants to put you down!

You are on the move!!  You are officially crawling!  When we see you crawling towards somewhere you shouldn't go all we have to say is "Bubba..." and you drop your head, start giggling, and book it super fast!!!  I love it.  Its our own little game of tag.  You favorite place to crawl too is Sissy's room.  She lets you play with her toys...for now ;)  

Your smile lights up the room.  You love to laugh and you have this deep hearty one that makes Mommy melt.  

You have three teeth officially through and you are working on more.  

You are starting to pull up on things.  And you still love to jump!!

My favorite picture of you and me...

We love you Beau.  You are Mommy's Little Man...Daddy's Buddy...and Sissy's Squishy.