Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"John Deere Green..."

"They settled down on eighty acres,
Raising sweet corn, kids, and tomatoes..."
We planted our garden this weekend.  Hadley helped and is so excited about her carrots!  I love life with these people!  Thanks for the Green Onion bulbs Pop!! 

My favorite Little Man...


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Beau Nathan: 7 months

Beau Nathan, you are 7 months old already!!
You weigh a whopping 24 pounds! You do not have any teeth yet, but I think you are trying to push some through soon.   

You have the best belly laughs!  I could listen to them all day long!

You smile with your whole face.  And when you are happy you let out this pterodactyl screech/squeal!!  

You have found your feet and love to pull on your toes.  

You enjoy chewing on the tags of your toys.  You are also a major drooler.  

You get your handsome good looks from your daddy.  You get your temperament from him as well.  Your thighs...you probably get those from Mommy.  :)

You love your sissy.  In your eyes, she can do no wrong.  Even when Hadley is log rolling you across the living room, all you do is giggle!  You two together are my favorite!  You and Hadley have such a special bond that Mommy and Daddy are going to do everything we can to protect and encourage it.  

You are most ticklish on your sides.  And when I gently rub my hand on the back of your head, you smile so big and bury your head in my chest.  I love it!

You are getting so much hair!

You can roll over from your back to your stomach, but then you are stuck.  You are fine for about 15.5 seconds before you start screaming!  You HATE tummy time.  

This one is my favorite.  I love how your chin and cheeks are all in a line. 
I love you my little man!

You can pretty much sit up on your own with only a little support.  You love your jumper!  You could play in that thing for an hour!

You do love your food.  With every bite, you let out a "hmmmmm" because it tastes so good. 

Happy 7 Months my little man!