Monday, June 15, 2015

Beau Nathan: 9 Months

9 months buddy!!  You are so close to crawling!  You can roll and move backwards all over the living room, but no forward movement yet.  You can get up on all fours but then you are stuck.  I really don't know how you do it, but you get stuck under my furniture a lot! 

Guess who you were looking at that made you smile this big?  Oh ya, it was Sissy!  

I have a feeling you will be getting whatever you ask for as long as you look at Mommy with those eyes.  I simply melt every time you look at me.  

You are laid back, pretty easy to please, and simply pleasant.  You do have a temper, but that usually only flares up when you are tired.  I ask you if you want to take a nap and you get such a happy look on your face.  As soon as I turn out your lights, you push off Mommy and Daddy full force in order to get into your crib.  

You take medicine like a champ.  You don't fight us at all.  You love your sippy cup and let out a blood curdling scream when someone takes it away.  You can roll over both ways.  You are a tummy sleeper all the way.

You only have two teeth and one more is poking through! 

You get new nicknames every other day.  Sissy has starting calling you "big baby boo" and "squishy" 

You wave hi and it is so perfect!! 

At your 9 month check up:
Weight:  26.1 pounds - 99 %
Height:  291/2 inches - 83%
You are starting to lean out a little bit now that you are moving more. 

You are Daddy's Buddy, Mommy's Little Man, and Sissy's Bubbas

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beau Nathan: 8 Months

My little man.  You are growing more everyday!  You are eight months old and an amazing sleeper.  You look just like your my opinion! 

You adore your big sister.  You think she hung the moon.  Just having her near you can calm you down when you are upset. 

You L O V E to jump.  I think you feel like you are missing out on something when you are laying on your back.  You love to be able to see everybody.  You just started sitting on your own.  We still put the boppy behind you because you like to fall backwards for fun.  

Mommy just wants to eat you because you are so precious!  We love you so much!!

You are Daddy's Buddy, Mommy's Little Man, and Sissy's Bubbas.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hadley Joy: Four and Three Quaters

You are growing up.  There are times Mommy will look at you and I can't believe how grown up you are.  Then I softly remind myself you are still only four years old and still so impressionable. 

Mommy and Daddy love the fact that we have "inside" jokes.  There are specific words that you or we can say and only us three know what we are talking about.  We laugh.
"Snot Girl"
"Swimming Lessons!"
"Lets blow this place belch"

Your smile is contagious and Mommy loves to hear you laugh.  One thing that makes you laugh so hard and so true is tooting.  You are pretty silent and you wait for Mommy to smell it before you start giggling.  Then when I call you out on it, you full on belly laugh! 

Since the day Bubba was born, you have done nothing but love on him.  You like to log roll him across the living room floor.  You make him laugh louder and harder than anyone else can.  He absolutely adores you! 

God has given you many gifts and being a big sister comes so naturally to you.

You do gymnastics two times a week now.  You are improving so much!!  You just did your backwards roll by yourself the other day and we were all so excited about your hard work and accomplishment!!  

You and Mommy are so much a like.  You find joy in the little things.  And knowing someone is thinking of you, means so much!  You do feel loved through gifts, whether that be a chocolate milk that Daddy brings home for you, or a purple hair bow Mommy got you because she knows it's your favorite color.

You are a dreamer and love to pretend.  You are always talking or texting your "husband".  You pretty much live in athletic attire because you never stop moving.  You love to play and get super dirty!!  When you aren't working in the garage with Daddy, you are dressed up in your princess dresses or just a fun sun dress.  I love that you can be girly and totally let go, get dirty, and have fun.  I pray you never stop being adventurous!   

You are my little fish.  You love the water and getting wet. 

I love you little girl.