Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beau Nathan

Beau Nathan
Born on August 18th, 2014 
Time: 1:15 pm
Weight:  8lbs 15oz
Length:  22 inches
And his mommy, daddy, and big sister just adore him!

This one is my favorite....

Thank you Krystina for taking all the fabulous pictures! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hadley Joy: 4 Years Old

To The Sweetest Big Sister,
You are four years old!  You have grown into this beautiful little girl, with a servants heart, a zest for life, and such a love for your family.  You learn and speak more about Jesus every day.  I hear you pray over your brother, and it is pure joy to be your Mommy. 


It only took 4 years, but you officially had your first hair cut this summer.

You love doing gymnastics and aren't afraid to try anything.  At gymnastics they have a huge pirate ship that you "walk the plank" into a big foam pit.  No hesitation at all!  That's my girl! 

You have been very well spoken from an early age, but there are still a few words that I love to hear you say "wrong"....You call lasagna "basagna".  You call a Frisbee a "friz".  You call a wedgie an "idgy" and I hope that one never changes!  You call the Police the "fuzz"...they are technically called that but it just makes me laugh every time I hear you say it! 

You enjoying singing at the top of your lungs!  You love making up your own words to songs as well.  My favorite song you sing right now is the Mommy song. 
"This is the Mom song, cause Mom's are great, better than chocolate Caaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkeee!!!"

I love the little gap in your two front teeth...

I love your blue eyes because you get them from your daddy...

Although I think you may have those eyes that can change color because there are
certain times when the light hits just right, they look almost green or hazel. 

You are such a funny person.  You can always make Mommy and Daddy laugh.  And I know soon you will have no problem getting brother to smile at you as well!

You love having your fingernails and toenails painted.  You love sitting at your vanity and curling your hair and putting your makeup on.  I love how girly you are, yet just as rough when playing outside. 

Your Daddy told you a secret and you tried not to share it.  But you can't keep a secret for very long.  You love to shout it from the rooftops!

You choose more often then not, to wear a dress.  You are very into long dresses right now.  I think it's so you can twirl and dance and take a bow.  You also love playing dress up.  Gloves, pearls, a purse...always dressed to the nines!

You are going to preschool two days a week this year.  You always look forward to going to school, but Mommy misses you so much when you are gone. 

You love making silly faces and talking in different accents.  You are currently learning Spanish at school and you come home and speak "full" sentences and conversations in Spanish.  It sounds pretty much like made up words and gibberish, but I like your eagerness to learn and practice!

I love this picture of you and your Daddy.  You two have such a special relationship.  I love how you are holding up your dress with your hand too.  Such a little lady.  You talk like your daddy.  You have picked up on all of his little catch phrases.  You love watching Avengers with your daddy.  Your favorite is Thor  :)

I think part of your love language is "gifts".  Mommy loves learning new things about you as you grow.  You never cease to surprise me! 

You like going on Starbucks dates with Nana.  You have even memorized her order! 

Like I said before, you have a servants heart.  You love helping Mommy.  You have a few chores around the house that you are responsible for...Helping me with laundry, emptying the silverware from the dishwasher, and cleaning your room.  Cleaning your room however, usually takes about 3 hours....every time you come out of your room, you are wearing a different outfit and accessories.  I don't know how much actual cleaning takes place until Mommy comes in and supervises.  :) 

You adore your new baby brother.  You always want him with you.  You love to help him, cuddle him, hold him, read with him, and just love on him.  You have been a huge help to Mommy for sure!!  You take pretty good care of your Baby Alice as well.  Always making sure her diaper is clean :)

I have toys in my bedroom.  The floor next to the wall in my bedroom is currently lined with papers or "notes" you have written and placed there for me.  I will miss the day, when there are no longer toys in my room, or books in my bed, or notes on my floor.  You my dear, are so special to us. 

Happy fourth year my sweet girl!!  Mommy and Daddy are just over the moon for you!  The way you love your brother and Me and Daddy....You have a precious heart and I pray that will stay with you all the days of your life.  We love you!