Saturday, June 30, 2012

Virginia 2012: Travel and Rehearsal Dinner

This past May, Hadley and I went to Virginia to celebrate my cousin Brandy's wedding!  We had such a good trip!  I'm not going to lie, flying with an almost 2 year old...By Myself! a little nerve racking!  She did great!  Now the flight home was another story, but we will get to that later.  The wedding was beautiful and the precious time spent with family was priceless!   

Papa and Nana picked us up at the airport...


Hadley's surrogate "Family of 3."  Ross could not come with us because he was studying for boards.  Hadley was "on loan" to Courtney and Scott.  They are going to be wonderful parents someday! 

This is my girl!  My mini-me!  My heart! 

So cute!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hadley Joy: 22 Months

My Angel!  You are 22 months old!  I don't know how we are already creeping on 2 years old, but what a wonderful 22 months they have been! 

You have a great sense of comedic timing.  Whether you know it or not, I think you are going to be a very funny girl...(and I'm pretty sure it will help you in "times of trouble" :)  Everything has also become a narrative.  You are speaking about yourself in the 3rd person.  "Hadley hurt...Hadley does..."  It's pretty cute. 

Speaking of narrative...your vocabulary increases on a daily basis.  You never cease to amaze me!  When I ask you a question, you say, "I think so."  When you are scared, you tell me, "I hold you."  While watching the Thunder Basketball games, you have picked up "Oh my gosh."  (while you cover your mouth with your hands)  I try not to encourage that one, but you are just too cute!  When you get up for any reason, you look at me and say, "I be right back." OR "I be right back, 2 minutes"  When someone leaves the room you tell them, "See you soon."  You definitely use the word "C'mon" a lot...followed by whoever you want to come with you!  It's so precious!   

You love "moosic"....and you love to dance and sing.  You are so strong.  I taught you how to do a leg lift and you are so good at it!  You are really fearless.  You do huge seat drops on the trampoline.  When you are jumping you say, "Look at me Mommy, I jump super high!"  OR "I run super fast!"  I love how excited you get about the small things.  I guess that is because I get excited about the small things...well about everything really...but it's so fun to see you accomplish new things everyday! 

During breakfast the other morning, you took two bites of your oatmeal and on the third bite said, "No thank you."  You were so polite!  I praised you for being so nice and polite, but then politely told you were going to eat the rest of it.  :)

I must confess, I rarely brush your hair in the mornings.  It's so curly and cute when you wake up, I don't really need to.  Plus you really don't like it.  You don't like me to brush your hair or put it in pigtails or ponytails either.  I can definitely tell when the weather is warmer just by the tightness of your ringlets.  When it's muggy, you have the "crazy hair." 

The songs you are singing most right now are:

  • Jesus Loves Me (your favorite part is "for the Bible tells me so" and you repeat that over and over again)
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider (although you sing it like this "A B C D Wash the spider out" and you repeat that over and over again) 
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Rumor Has It  (You are my back up singer on our car rides!  When Daddy is in the car, you tell him "Do it Daddy, Do it! Do it Daddy, Do it!" until he sings "Rumor Has It" with us  :)  I think it's pretty comical...and totally sweet!
  • KVOO  (It's the country radio station we listen to in the car...I died laughing when I heard you sing it with the radio announcer)
  • Twinkle Twinkle is a must!  You can sing that one forwards and backwards!

You love your "punzel"....We watch it so much that Daddy and I are quoting it in our everyday life!  You also watch Beauty and the Beast a lot too.  The other day you told Daddy "I said get out!"...Daddy said "what did you say?"  And you said, "I said, Get Out!"  We thought you were just being sassy until we realized you were quoting Beast!  Beast told Belle, "I said, Get Out!" have quite the memory little girl! 

When I tell you not to touch something, you look at me, cross your arms and say, "I just looking."

You love closing doors right now.  If you stand on your tip toes, you can reach the door knobs.  You like to go into a room, look at me and say, "I be right back" and then you close the door.  You are also starting to be very interested in the "potty."  If you look around the room and can't find someone, it's "Daddy go potty" OR "Mommy potty." 

Hadley Joy, you make my heart smile.  You are one fun loving, crazy funny girl, and your daddy and I love you with our whole hearts!  We miss you when we are not with you, and you definitely give the best "morning hugs".