Monday, August 24, 2015

Hadley Joy: First Day of Kindergarten

My first born started Kindergarten today.  We have been talking about this day for 6 months.  We were both so excited for her to go to kindergarten, meet new friends, learn to read, and experience new things!  (When I say "both" I mean Me and Hadley.  Ross doesn't want her to grow up at all) 

 Last night, I baked a cake just for Hadley.  Ross and I prayed over her and her heart.  Then we celebrated!   

My baby girl on her first day...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Beau Nathan: 11 Months

 You are a Mama's Boy for sure.  You are genuinely happy and your smile draws people to you.  

You love to swing.  

You wave to everyone.  

I love your chubby little hands and the leg rolls...oh the leg rolls.  

You are pulling up on everything now.  

You are so so strong.

For the first time today, I saw the new trick your sister likes to do with you.  The one where she bear hugs you and throws you up on the couch...and then bear hugs you again as you both go log rolling off.  I told her we should probably not do that trick're welcome.  

You are teething right now.  You are working on pushing your fourth tooth through!

You love your sister.  You could sit and watch her bounce and flip all over the living room for hours.  

You bring joy to others.  We love you. 
You are Daddy's buddy, Mommy's little man, and Sissy's squishy.