Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Basketball & Tea Parties

I love going to "sporting events" for Joshua.  It's so fun, 1. Because he really is great at basketball!   2. There is "structure" but no "structure" and sometimes it is just too funny to watch what the kids do.  and 3. I love that we all get together to support him as a family. 

He loves Hadley and is so sweet to her.  He LOVES to entertain her and make her laugh...

Going for Pizza after the game...

Hadley loves her Papa.  He always plays blocks with her, gives her horsey rides, and most importantly, hosts wonderful tea parties with her.  They are so precious together!

Once again, Hadley loves the she is cuddled with Nana, watching Toy Story 3....

Monday, February 27, 2012

Joshua and Benjamin visit Hadley

Before school started up for Joshua and Benjamin after Christmas, they came to stay with Hadley for a couple of days.  Our days were packed full of fun and craziness...

At Brass Pro Shops playing in Daddy's "wannabe" boat...

When the boys are here, Hadley rarely takes her eyes off of them.  She loves them so much!  

She really loved their sleeping bags.  She most definitley would have slept in there if I would have let her...although there would probaly be more giggling than sleeping.

We went to the Aquarium one day...

Why are Benjamin's sleeves rolled up?  Good question.  I asked him if he wanted to pet a sting ray and he yelled "YEAH!"  He was so excited!  I rolled his sleeves up and told him to stick his hand in the water and he said, "NOOOO!"  My Benjamin  :)  

We spent roughly 2 hours at Chick-fil-a, eating and playing...

I love how they sit still together  :)

Of course, what is a trip to Jessi's house if we don't go to the Bounce Place.  Joshy loves this place, and that boy can make friends with a rock!  Before I knew it, he met a few other boys and they were having the time of their lives on the slides.  

Benjamin likes his space.  He doesn't really like people sitting on him...a.k.a...Hadley.  If she does, he usually tells her to move or proceeds to push her off.  One morning, Benjamin got in trouble for something, so Ross told him to sit down and NOT say a word.  Hadley saw this as a perfect opportunity!  She went right over and sat down in his lap.  Benjamin just looked at us because he "wasn't suppose to say a word" was too cute!  

The weather was nice, so we took another trip to the zoo!

I always love when my babies come to visit me!  We always make memories!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Over Christmas Break the weather was nice, so we took full advantage and took Hadley to the zoo!

and out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel...her Papa's Favorite place for Breakfast food!  

and to Dick's Sporting Goods so her daddy could buy her a ball....

and Play outside on her 4 wheeler...

She is a hands!

We are not big "going out for new years" type we stayed in and had Paul and Natalie and the kids over to hang out. 

OK, I only have one more Christmas Break post and then it will be back to current events.  :)  I just want to make sure I post, so that one day Hadley will be able to look back through them and enjoy pictures of herself....just like me.   :)