Monday, July 30, 2012

Say Please....

Ross and I have tried to be consistent with Hadley from early on about saying "please" and "thank you" etc. especially when asking for something specific.  Now that she is older, and has mastered the task of saying "please", we are finding it difficult to teach her the "thank you for saying please...but no." concept.  That "please" does not always mean you get what you want.  So here is our typical conversation these days:

Hadley:  "May I have candy, please?"

Me:  "No, not right now."

Hadley:  "Please?"

Me:  "No, Not right now."

Hadley:  "Pleeeease?!?"

Me: "Mommy said no."

Hadley:   "Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?!?!?"

Me:  "Hadley, Mommy said No."

Hadley:  "Paaaaaaahhhleeeeease!!!!!!!"

Me:  (deep breath)  NO.  (and that is when I turn up the radio :) 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Swimming and Swimming and More Swimming...

Summer has been super hot!  So we spend most days down at the swimming pool.  On Wednesday night, Avery came to spend the night with us.  Hadley was pretty excited about that one!  Then on Thursday, Natalie, Campbell, and Dane met us at the pool.  Apparently the day just happened to get away from us, because we ended up swimming from 10:30 am to 5:00pm!  They are all little fishies and love the pool!   

Hadley's newest trick!  She's not afraid of anything! 
All the rest of the pictures are via Natalie!  Thank you!  

I love this one!  

He was "Spiderman" with wild arms!  The "face" was me protecting myself  :)

We swim a lot together during the summer and I know Hadley loves having them come over!  Can't wait until next time! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Nana and Her Hadley

My mom came up to Tulsa a few weeks ago for An Affair of the Heart.  We had such a good day shopping and Hadley did excellent.  It was actually a family "Affair" because we ran into Natalie and the kids, her mom Suzanne, and Gigi (My Mother-In-Law).  I was very proud of my purchases...AND my absolute favorite purchase was a pair of cowboy boots for Hadley!  She looks precious in them!

Anyways, my mom got to Tulsa in time to watch me take Hadley's 23 month pictures.  I just had to snap a couple of them together!  I love how they turned out! 

 A Nana and Her Hadley.... 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hadley: 23 Months

Hadley Joy, you are 23 Months old!  Mommy and Daddy fall in love with you more and more each day.  I can't imagine how you could fill my heart with more joy, but you seem to do it each and every day. 

I honestly don't know of another 2 year old who talks as well as you do.  You talk clear, and in the correct context.  It is amazing!  Lately when I ask you a question, you say " thank you."  I love how you have to "think" about it first. 

You have the most beautiful blue eyes.  You get that from your daddy!  And I love your lips!  They are so pouty! 

You are very polite!  I handed you something the other day, and for the first time you said, "Thanks, Mom."  MOM?  I am your mommy or momma!  You are not old enough to just call me MOM yet :)

All of your cousins call me Jessi.  After we have been with them for the day, YOU start calling me Jessi.  I guess it's a good thing for you to know your daddy and I's real name, but right now you just think it's funny to say it.  :)

I think you are going to have many facial expressions.  I think, like your mommy, you will show your emotions and exactly what you think, through those facial expressions as well. 

When you are crying because you got hurt, I always hold you and ask you what hurts.  You never say specifically what hurts, you just say, "This One!" and hold up your hand or point to your foot. 

You are amazing when it comes to knowing the words to songs.  A song will come on the radio, and it's so fun to hear you sing along to it!  You also can sing "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Rock a bye baby" all by yourself. 

You can count all the way to 13!!  By yourself, no help needed.  After that it gets a little fuzzy...  Your favorite number, however, in "Eleventeen".   This is how it goes, "10, 11, 12, 13, eleventeen, 13, 13, eleventeen, eleventeen, 13, ELEVENTEEN!"  It's pretty cute!

When you drop something, your new word is "oopsie"  We never really had an "uh oh" stage, so I guess that is where "oopsie" comes in. 

You really like to drive.  You get to drive in Mommy and Daddy's lap when going to the swimming pool.  Now you have even started to "pretend" drive everywhere we go.  In the house, in your car seat, in the shopping cart, you say, "I driving." 

When your seat is too far away from the table, you say "Mommy, scooch please."

You are starting to recognize certain places, like Target and Braums.  You see pictures and billboards and point things out that you know.  Last night you pointed to an OSU shirt and said "Pete"...I was shocked!  You are just too cute! 

We are working on sharing our toys, and not throwing fits right now.  Mommy is working on correcting your behavior early before both of us get frustrated.  You are learning pretty quick, but we still have our moments.  This is new territory for Mommy too!   

You have such a caring heart.  Anytime you think there might be something wrong, or someone is sad, or you see Mommy crying, you always give me the biggest hug and say, "It's OK...It's OK." 

Every time we hug, you rub your little hand back and forth on my back.  It is so precious!  I love morning hugs, because you snuggle right into my neck and nothing is more perfect at that moment! 

Your daddy loves you so much.  He is going to protect you and your heart as you grow up so quickly.  You have him wrapped around your little finger! 

This is my favorite picture!  I think so much is spoken even though you can't see either of their faces. 

Hadley Joy, You Are Loved.