Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hadley Joy : 2 Years

Hadley Joy Owens.  You are 2 years old.  You are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.  Your daddy and I fall in love with you more and more everyday.  Your are passionate, crazy, loud, always moving, love to laugh, love to play, and very charming.  ;)  You definitely know how to work it!     

Photos taken by Uniquely U Photography, and edited by Me! 


Current Measurements:

  • Weight:  26.2 lbs - 41%
  • Height:   35 1/2 in - 76%
  • Head:   47 1/2 cm - 48%

You have many facial expressions....I think you get that from me.  And they pretty much tell everything we are thinking. 

You get your beautiful blue eyes from your daddy.  BUT Your get that from me :)  Your daddy sure does have his hands full!   

One character trait that I love about you is your gratefulness.  It is very easy for Mommy and Daddy to WANT to do everything for you because of how grateful you are.  For example, today in the car, you said, "may I have juicy please?"  Hello?!?  You are asking so politely!  I'm so proud.  But the best part is after I hand it to you, you said, "Thank you Mommy....and than you for my snack."  Sometimes I really forget that you are only 2.     

You really are quite the bargainer.  I was in the bathroom getting ready and I asked you to go play in the other room until I was done.  You left for a few minutes, but soon returned, and as you pushed the door open you said, "I come in?....yes?....OK!"  (This was a one sided conversation)  Sometimes you are so cute, that I just wait to see what line or saying you will come up with next.  
We have started telling you how much longer you have to play before it's bedtime/nap time/cleanup time/etc. have 5 minutes, then cleanup time.  So now, when we are out and it's time to go, you like to say "2 minutes, OK?" and you hold your two little fingers up in the air, and it's just so precious that I don't know how to say no to that. 

Your newest saying is "you so weird." followed by laughing.  I didn't know where you learned this, until this morning when we watched The Lion King.  Simba says it to Scar, and I guess it just stuck with you.  You also like to tell Mommy how funny and silly she is.   

I got you out of the bed the other morning, and you were snapping your fingers!  I don't know where you learned it, but you can snap! 

You are so articulate.  I may be bias, but I think you talk so much better than a lot of other kids your age, and even older!  Maybe it's because all we have is each other to talk to during the day, so you pick up on "adult" talk quicker :) 


Your daddy and I usually use terms of endearment when talking to each other.  I guess because you hear it all the time, you have now started to refer to us as "babe."  You start by saying, "Momma"...then it turns in to, "Mom"...then becomes, "Hey babe!"...and ends up with "Jessica."  We thought it was important for you to know Mommy and Daddy's real name, just in case we ever got separated.  Now you just think it is so funny to say "Jessica" and "Ross"....I will say, we are discouraging the use of our name in day to day conversations, but it's just so hard not to smile at you when I hear you say my name!   

When asked what your name is, you say, "Hadley Joy Owens."  And when asked how old you are, you say, "I two."  (and hold up two fingers)

You got a super fun play kitchen for your birthday, and you play with it all day long!  You love it!  I think it's really special to watch you play with the kitchen and talk to your babies, and feed Merida, because you are gentle and kind with your words, and it gives Mommy affirmation that I might be doing something right by you. :) 

This picture, reminds Grandma and Pop of our visit to Virginia last May.  When Grandma told you not to touch, you put your hands on your face and said, "I just looking."  It was precious!  

Nana and Papa got you a computer for your birthday.  You love it for the mere fact that you can push all the buttons (and Mommy wont let you do that on her computer).  You call it "peters"..."Where my peters at?" 

You are now enrolled in your first gymnastics class!  The class lasts all year, and you absolutely love it!  Mommy loves it just as much as you!  Your teachers name is Ms. Tammy.
Now that the weather is getting cooler, we don't spend all day at the pool anymore.  So instead, we go to the gym.  You really enjoy going because you get to play with Ms. Tonya.  Ms. Tonya is so good with you (I think you are her favorite :)  and I feel so comfortable leaving you to play with her while I workout.  This morning you even asked to go play at the gym!  It's a win win.   


Over the winter, we had to go to the doctor quite a few times for ear infections.  Now whenever we go just for your routine check up, and the doctor has to look in your ear, you scream bloody murder!  I'm not kidding.  Now you periodically tell me, "I ear infection."  I think he's made an impression. 

You are very much a girly girl, but you love to get dirty too!  I think you are going to be well rounded :)  You love getting your fingernails painted and can't stop looking at them when they are. 

Hadley Joy, you are a special little girl.  You are one of a kind and I love your passion and energy for everything!  Mommy and Daddy love you!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Celebrating Hadley

My sweet baby turned 2 this year!  Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated Hadley with us.  Hadley is definitely one of a kind.  She has a gentle and giving spirit, loving and tender heart, passionate energy, and a contagious laugh with a great sense of humor...not to mention she is the most beautiful person who brings her daddy and I more joy than we could have ever known. 
Happy Birthday Baby!     

I love your dress, Beezer! pretty!

* A huge thank you to my wonderful sisters who helped me take photos and video of Hadley's birthday.  After looking through my pictures, I realized that I have very few with them in it...that makes me sad.  I do appreciate your willingness to help...and I will make sure to get you in the photos next time!