Friday, December 31, 2010


Merry Christmas! Everyone gathered together at my mom and dad's our Christmas Jammie's...on Christmas morning...for the traditional egg casserole and opening presents! We had such a wonderful time together! I love spending time with my family, and Hadley really enjoyed her first Christmas!

The Family...
Our new Christmas Jammie's...

Ross putting together Hadley's exerciser...

Joshy got Papa rubber band guns...

He loves him...(him being Hadley)

The key chain says, "my daddy is a superhero...joshua and ben" (Joshy and Ben call John their Superhero :)

My perfect Pretzel Jello! Thanks to Grandma, I finally made it without white bits floating to the surface!!

Beautiful B

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Christmas Train

Hadley got to experience her first ever trip to see Christmas lights and a trip to The Christmas Train. The Christmas Train is put on by Church on the Move, and it was amazing! You get to ride an old steam engine train and hear about the Christmas Story, the true reason we celebrate Christmas! I think that will definitely be a yearly tradition. Enjoy the pictures of our Christmas Train and Christmas Lights adventure. There are many more pictures to come!

I love it when she puts her little hands on my face...

Just the girls...

Riding the train...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Present

For my husband and I, our greatest and most favorite Christmas present this year, is our Hadley Joy. In her, we see pure joy and love. She is the most beautiful blessing we could have ever dreamed of. Thank you Jesus for blessing us this holiday season with the most precious gift...our Hadley girl! (and the most amazing part is we get to keep her :)

My Favorite...

Our Beautiful Christmas Tree...

Our Stockings Hung By The...Kitchen :)

I think Hadley got a little spoiled this year with presents...and these are just from mommy and daddy!

I made her a Christmas tutu!
I don't know if it's big enough?

Monday, December 13, 2010

OSU Holiday Ball 2010

Ross passed all of his first semester finals/classes!! I am so proud of him! Now he gets to enjoy 4 weeks off for Christmas break! Hadley and I are really excited to have him home and all to ourselves!

Ross and I had such a wonderful time at the OSU Holiday Ball! It was a nice treat after such a busy four months! Enjoy the pictures!

(My Favorite Part of the Evening!)